Friday, January 23, 2009

Not Feeling So Well

Poor little Merrilee has been sick all week. He pre-school called on Tuesday and mommy had to go pick her up and take her home.

She has a nasty cough, runny nose, and a fever that tops out around 103. When you give her children's Motrin, the fever comes down, but as soon as the Motrin wears off, the fever goes back up. It went up to 103 again early Friday morning (5am)

Daddy took her back to the doctor this morning, and now she has a "raging infection" in her left ear.

In addition to the Motrin, she's now getting amoxicillin twice a day for ten days. It's pretty standard treatment and hopefully she'll be feeling better soon.

She has no appetite, but she's drinking a lot and staying hydrated. She just hasn't been her funny self lately.

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Terri and Rich said...

I feel your pain. Our little one has been sick for a week also. She has all the same symptoms but also has been vomitting as she has a very sens. tummy and the drainage and coughing causes her to vomit. It has been a long week. By the way even though I don't personally know you I love reading your blog! Good luck with sick one!

Terri and Rich and Jenni Lin