Monday, February 2, 2009

Those We Know, Those We Don't Know

It's hard to believe that we're coming up on the six month mark. August seems likes yesterday.

Our life with Merrilee seems so hectic, but we wouldn't trade it. Still, we miss the folks who are so special to us...the people who made that journey to China in our travel group.

Our special friends from that trip, Billy, Nikki and Kassidy are many miles away in another state. But Kassidy's sweet, beautiful picture is on our refrigerator. And, we are doing our best to make sure Merrilee knows she has friends so dear to us. Billy, Nikki, and Kassidy, this video is for you...

And we know there are people around the world who read this blog -- people like Mary Beth and Jay. Thank you for your comments! We are glad you chose CCAI, and we are praying that before you know it, your little one will be in your arms.

Like so many adoptive parents, when we started this process, we never though it would take years. The months seemed to click by so slowly. But the moment you get that referral, the clock seems like it speeds up. Mary Beth and Jay, the flight to China will seem like it takes forever, and it does. And the flight home may seem even longer! But trust us on this -- new precious moments and memories come every day.

Our new routine is this. Mommy is up around 5:15am. Daddy gets Merrilee up and on the potty around 5:45-6:00am. Then it's bath time, and getting dressed before mommy heads our with Merrilee in her arms at 6:40am. Mommy drops off Merrilee at pre-school just after 7am. She picks her up on the way home.

Daddy isn't home most nights until around 6pm. So he gets an hour or so with Merrilee before it's her bedtime. One of their favorite things to do is make short videos while Merrilee is eating dinner. In this case, Merrilee likes to do the motions to one of her favorite songs, even though she can't really reach her "knees and toes" while she's in her high chair...

It's been hard to stay upbeat these last few weeks with the economy being so bad, the Ravens losing the AFC Championship, the winter bringing its cold, snow and ice. But there is an unconditional love that you get from a child that puts everything in perspective.

And...when you go to bed at night (usually very exhausted) gives you something to be very grateful for. It puts a whole new perspective on life.


Billy & Nikki said...

Thank you guys so much for being so sweet and kind. That definitely made a tear come to my eyes. We too miss you guys the same and hope one day to see you and let our little ones play together. That would be the ultimate playdate! :)

Karen said...

Hey guys,

I lurk all the time, checking in at least once a week. I don't post much because it Merrilee and Olivia are so much alike developmentally, sports savvy and close in age it seems I'd be repeating a lot of your stories! I always want to keep up with you because there is no other group of people who better understand what we made it through. And those of us who became parents for the first time have another special connection.

Aren't we having a blast!?

Take care. And can you believe we both could have taken the Steelers down! Coulda, shoulda, woulda...

Karen, Dave and Olivia