Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day!

Today was Merrilee's first Independence Day, and we decided to go to the big Catonsville Fourth of July parade. Our friends, Steve and Bea, live right on the main drag of Catonsville, and the parade goes right in front of their house. They invited us over to watch the parade and then have a cookout. Merrilee was all excited in her red, white and blue dress. It was a birthday gift from Aunt Judy and Uncle Jim.

Merrilee loved the parade! She loved the fire trucks, the marching bands, the music, the vintage cars and especially all the free candy and other toys that were handed out. She wasn't so sure about some of the politicians who marched...or the loud motorcycles. She had THREE lollipops while watching the parade. Of course, she had to wear her Minnie Mouse sunglasses too.

The parade lasted about an hour and 45 minutes. That was perfect for Merrilee...

We have more pictures from the parade posted in the slideshow on the right. If you double-click on the slides, you can see the entire album.


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