Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Missing Mommy

Merrilee is already missing her mommy a lot. She has asked a number of times, "mommy going away?"

We are trying to keep her occupied and thanks to a few friends, Merrilee has some new entertainment.

First, our good friend Edie Brown is handling PR for the Disney on Ice show. Edie gave this flashing tiara to Merrilee and she just loves wearing it around the house.

Next, Miss Kristy, who works with daddy, gave Merrilee this musical card. Merrilee loves musical cards. This one has that hamster music. Merrilee wanted to dance, but she couldn't really get those hips going until she took off the tiara.

Thank you, Merrilee, for the gift of joy you bring to us!

We are so lucky, and so blessed!

1 comment:

emifall said...

love that dancing and that tongue action helps her keep the beat.my thoughts are with the 3 of you.hope the time goes quickly and smoothly. Hard on u all just like billy and nikki it stinks being apart from your family.
auntie em