Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Protect This House!

We're getting back to our regular routine with school now that the holidays are over. There has been one small interruption, and that's been the Baltimore Ravens making it into the playoffs.

On Tuesday, Merrilee's teacher was a little unhappy with Merrilee. Seems Merrilee went around her class trying to tackle some of her classmates. It would appear she remembers a little too much from watching the Ravens play this season. Merrilee's teacher says most of the kids she tried to tackle were bigger than her too! Now that's daddy's little girl.

Merrilee's mommy got to watch ALL of the Ravens game on Sunday, when they trounced Tom Brady and the Patriots. She says the game was very exciting. She is also showing off her Ravens gear to her co-workers in the sandbox. She has her "Protect This House" Ravens towel at her cubicle, and she is very proud of her new jerseys.

A special thank you to Derrick Mason and Haloti Ngata for the autographs -- especially Derrick, who noted in his "Be safe!" He is one classy guy!

Good luck on Sunday! Hopefully the Ravens can do to Peyton Manning what they did to Tom Brady!

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