Friday, February 12, 2010


History was made this week.

This is now officially the snowiest winter in the history of Baltimore.

We've had more than 79 inches of snow this season. We've had three 20-inch-plus snowfalls in less than a month. We had a mess over the weekend, and then an honest-to-God blizzard on Wednesday.

Everyone is very sore from digging out cars and shoveling snow.

Merrilee's school has been closed most of this week. Daddy had to work, so on Monday, our next door neighbor, Emma Sue, took care of Merrilee. Then on Tuesday, Merrilee went to stay with our friends Steve and Bea and their daughter, Jessica. She'll be coming back home later today.

This was the first time Merrilee spent a night away from home without mommy or daddy. She's been a good little trooper. She packed toys, food and clothes for her multi-day sleepover.

And Steve, Bea and Jessica have been so kind to help out. It would be hard to get through all of this without good friends and neighbors.


emifall said...

o my goodness too cold for me!! hope u both have a nice weekend and time goes quick and mommy comes home soon u and daddy have done agreat job holding down the home front best to u all.stay warm u look so cute as always.

Jordan said...

it is to cold for me. get some sheep.have a good weekend