Sunday, March 7, 2010


We haven't been updating the blog much lately. We've been so busy and just haven't had the time. Also, we haven't done much cool stuff. Everyone in Baltimore has just been letting all the snow melt.

Today though, Merrilee got to go to a birthday party for her friend Samantha. The party was as a place called the Jump Zone in Columbia, Maryland. They have a lot of inflatables, and after a few minutes of shyness, Merrilee really warmed up and got into trying out all of them...

Here are a few more shots from the day as a slideshow.

Merrilee is doing just fine. She is growing into quite a little lady and she loves going to school everyday. She loves her teachers, Ms. Jess, Ms. Debbie and Ms. Richie. She's had to spend a few nights away from home because of daddy's work, and she's really enjoyed being with Mr. Steve, Ms. Bea, and Ms. Jessica. Oh yeah, she loves being with their dog Emma too!

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