Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Turning Three

Merrilee celebrated her third birthday today. It is hard to believe she's that old already. It seems just like yesterday that an innocent and apprehensive 15-month old was being placed into our arms for the first time.

Today, mommy took a break around lunch and went to Merrilee's school. She treated Merrilee's class to a birthday pizza party, complete with birthday cupcakes. It appears a good time was had by all, as they say...

Merrilee's class even sang happy birthday to her!

Merrilee got a few nice treats for her birthday. First, there was an unexpected birthday package from Billy, Nikki and Kassidy, our forever friends from our trip to China. She got a musical card from Doug, Kadie and Jordan. (She had to take it along in the car when we she went out for her birthday dinner...) And, we found a nice little tune on the answering machine when we got home -- Merrilee's beloved cousin Jordan singing "Happy Birthday!" to her. It was great!

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Rita and John said...

Happy Birthday, Merrilee!