Friday, November 7, 2008

Getting To Be A Big Girl

We've been so busy this last week that we haven't done a good job with the blog.

Merrilee is getting bigger by the day. She's packed on some weight, which is a good thing. But even more importantly, she's becoming a big girl with a lot of her mannerisms.

She prefers the big girl potty (toilet) over her own potty.

And as this picture shows, she prefers adult eating utensils, rather than those designed for children.

She is beginning to talk more and more. She's getting really good at:







and "uh oh"

Last night, it really sunk in that we have to treasure all of these moments, since it won't be too long before they are memories. We'll miss the way she hugs us at bedtime...the way she runs down the hall to her room to get dressed...the way she tilts her head when she says "love you"...the way she claps her hands when she's finished on the potty.

She is getting the hang of talking on the telephone. For the longest time, she would just listen. Now she'll actually speak a few words.
She LOVES books -- all kinds of books. They are helping her learn the alphabet and words. She loves her Dr. Seuss book "The Foot Book."

Yesterday, Merrilee and mommy went back to one of their favorites places -- the Mall in Columbia. Today, Merrilee and mommy went to visit the Goddard School where Merrilee will be enrolled come December. They have a lot of fun together!

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Alyson & Ford said...

She is adorable! She's doing great with her development.
Since our daughter was two years old on "gottcha" day, we are watching her go through all the stages of speech and motor skills, like a "baby". She is catching up fast.
Best wishes for a great year! Won't the holidays be grand?

Alyzabeth's Mommy
Forever Family Day 09/16/08