Saturday, November 22, 2008

Stuffed Animals And Cabbage Patch Kids

This has been another busy week for the Miller family.

Mark had knee surgery on Wednesday and was out of commission for a few days. But the bandage is already off, the crutches have been kicked aside, and he's already looking forward to getting back to work on Monday. Merrilee loves to sit with him on the floor and read books, so she was happy when daddy could get back down on the floor with her.

A very nice package arrived in the mail this week from Bob, Kendel, Drew and Josh Ehrlich. It was a gray, stuffed elephant for Merrilee. She already loves it, and her phrase for the week was "G-O-P." "Republican" had too many syllables for her. As you can see, she already loves it...

Hopefully, she'll cherish it always. And in about 16-and-a-half more years, she'll be old enough to vote.

For those of you out-of-state, Bob Ehrlich is Maryland's former governor, and he and his wife, Kendel, now do a talk show on WBAL Radio.

A special thanks too to the Myers family down the street -- Kim, Andy, Hannah, Drew and Sophie. They gave Merrilee a cabbage patch doll. As you can see, this has become another one of her favorites...

And mommy went out shopping the other day and got Merrilee a special cradle for her cabbage patch doll...

By the way, how about that fancy striped turtle neck sweater. Merrilee picked that out all by herself!

Merrilee is looking forward to her first Thanksgiving in her new forever country with her forever family. The whole Miller clan is coming over for dinner. We'll try to post some pictures of that event too.

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