Friday, December 5, 2008

The Rock, The Driveway, And Mommy In Uniform

Well there were some big doings around the Miller house this week.

With Merrilee in the family, it was decided (by the wife) that we needed a driveway. We have a side door, and she thought it would be easier to go in and out this way with Merrilee, rather than having to walk up the steps in front of the house.

But there were two issues with the driveway. First, we had a beautiful tulip magnolia tree that would have to be removed...

Once we came to grips with that...the next issue was "the rock."

There was a rather large boulder on our front lawn that had been there for years. Legend has it that it came out of the back yard when the prior home owner excavated for the pool. For years, on the first day of school, the kids in the neighborhood would gather around and sit on the rock, and someone would snap a picture. It seems like every teenager in the neighborhood has at sometime been photographed sitting on the rock when they were a child. So it means something to the people on Worthmont Road (though clearly not to us...) In an attempt to preserve the "heritage," our next door neighboor, Emma Sue, decided the rock should be relocated to her front lawn.

The heavy equipment moved in on Wednesday -- and after a long day of hard work...

we have a driveway. The asphalt has to cure, so we won't be parking on it for a few more days. (Sorry, we haven't taken any pictures yet of the finished product.) We added some lighting too.

So now mommy and Merrilee are BOTH very happy. And Mark is happy about mommy's new "work photo."

We are all very proud of her, and her service to our nation. She wears the uniform proudly!

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Sharon Jones said...

Of course...I love Merrilee so much...I miss her when a day goes buy that I don't kiss her little face. But today, I want to say how much I love Beth. I am so proud of her service to our county...I pray for our military daily. I am also proud of her for being such a wonderful mother. Beth - Keep up the good work on all fronts!