Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First Day Of Pre-School

Merrilee had her first day of pre-school yesterday.

She is enrolled at the Goddard School, and is in the “Wiggly Worms.”

The theme of the week was Hanukkah. Her class learned the sign language for Hanukkah and the Spanish word for Hanukkah. They read “By the Hanukkah Light” and they sang the song “Menorah Candles.”

Merrilee pee-peed in the potty 10 times, and she pooped in the potty once.

On her first day report card, the teachers wrote, “Merrilee had a great first day in the Wiggly Worms! Merrilee used a tissue to wipe her nose today!!” We don’t want to disappoint them, but Merrilee has been doing this since the first day she joined our family.

Merrilee loved Thanksgiving. She loved having all the people over to the house. On Friday, she went to the Post Office to apply for a US Passport, and on Saturday she went to visit Steve, Bea, Stephanie, and Jessica and then she went shopping with daddy at the Sports Authority.

Here’s another thing Merrilee loves –

She loves to sit in plastic bins, boxes, laundry baskets, etc. Put in some pillows and a blanket and she likes that better than a ride at an amusement park.

She is looking forward to a visit later this month to meet mommy’s side of the family in Arkansas. And, of course, she’s looking forward to her first Christmas.

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Karen said...

Hey Merrilee, Mom and Dad,

I check in every once in a while and see so many similarities between Merrilee and Olivia. They started pre-school the same week too. But I had to post when I saw the laundry basket. Olivia loves the laundry basket too! We spin it and rock it and she turns it on its side and crawls in.

Aren't you amazed at the joy these children bring not only to us but to so many others?

I'm so glad you are all well and happy. Have a great holiday season and be safe traveling.