Monday, March 16, 2009

Good Days And Bad Days (And Going Half-Mad Days...)

Jimmy Buffet would be very proud of Merrilee. This weekend, she made mommy and daddy fully appreciate the lyrics to the one Buffett song that goes, "I've had good days and bad days and going half-mad days..."

Saturday morning, we took her to "Miss Shirley's" in Baltimore for a special breakfast. She ate eggs, pancakes, hash browns, and a whole banana for breakfast. She was an angel on Saturday. This was Merrilee in her favorite towel when she got out of her bath Saturday morning...

Sunday was a different story. It was a terrible two's day. She did not want to wear her big girl training pants...didn't want to eat her meals...didn't want to say anything but ""

Such are the joys of parenthood.

By the way, in these pictures, she has a little scratch on her eyelid. She and a classmate were high-fiving each other, when her friend's hand came down and scratched her. The school always calls to tell us. This is what kids do. It doesn't bother Merrilee a bit. We love how the forms from the school always say she was treated with "ice and lots of TLC..."

And thanks to my friend, Edie Brown, who's doing some of the PR work for the visit of the circus to Baltimore. She gave me one of these little light wand thingies for Merrilee, and Merrilee just loves it. She knew right away how to make the lights come on and spin around.

And for the record, on / off switches on toys that make noise only work for so long. Merrilee knows how to turn on every toy, and how to make the volume louder on every one. Aren't we lucky.

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