Monday, March 30, 2009

"Meet Me At Luigi's"

On Saturday night, we took Merrilee to Catonsville United Methodist Church for dinner.

The youth group was performing a dinner-theater style play called "Meet Me At Luigi's." Merrilee seemed to love it -- the food and the play. She likes all kinds of activity.

There was one point early in the play though, where two of the actors (rather two actresses) came and sat at our table. Merrilee didn't know what to make of that. Her eyes teared up a bit, but she quickly got over it.

The food was terrific too. Great lasagna! And Merrilee had her first taste of lemonade. She loved that too.

Earlier in the day, daddy took Merrilee to visit her grandmother. She was a little angel during the visit. She sampled her first marshmallow too. She didn't know what to make of that. She didn't like the consistency. So, she held it and licked it instead.

On Sunday, Merrilee got a call from her 2nd cousin, Jordan. They chatted for a few minutes. We're glad he thinks of her, and we hope they will always get along as well as they do now.

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