Sunday, April 5, 2009

Getting Ready For The Summer

Well Merrilee has been a perfect angel since going back to school on Friday.

On Saturday, Merrilee and mommy went on a lot of errands. They especially liked their visit to Barnes and Noble, where Merrilee bought a bunch of nice books. She bought her books with money that was a gift from Uncle Jim and Aunt Judy. We are very lucky that she loves books. She can entertain herself for hours with books. She likes all kinds of books. Daddy likes the ones that rhyme. He's probably read the phrase "In your house and on your street, how many different feet you meet" at least 200 times. "The Foot Book" is one of Merrilee's favorites. She always has to have a book with her when she's on the potty or in the bath tub.

Now that the good weather is just about here, Merrilee has a good appetite. In just a few minutes, mommy is taking Merrilee on her first official "play date." She's going to meet her friend Sam and Miss Angel at the playground. As Merrilee's cousin Doug likes to say, "That girl eats like eating is her business..."

And it never ceases to amaze us, how with all of her nice toys, Merrilee loves to play with the silliest things. Here, she found another use for the container that her "Happy Meal" came in on Saturday. She turned it into a most fashionable hat...

One of the many things mommy bought for Merrilee on Saturday was a genuine, US Coast Guard approved "Speedo" personal floatation device. We liked it better when they were just called life jackets. We have a pool and we want Merrilee to be very safe. In another few weeks we're hoping to enroll her in a toddler's swimming class. She already has her pink beach chair ready too. For her 2nd birthday, mommy and daddy are taking Merrilee to Disney World. The chair will stay behind, but the life jacket will travel with us.

Looks like she's already to go, doesn't it?

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