Friday, April 3, 2009

Not Always A Little Angel

Merrilee has issues.

The first week we had her, she bit daddy a couple of times. She quickly learned that was a bad thing to do.

Now she's reverted back to her old self. The really bad part is she only does this at school. We hate picking her up in the afternoon, only to have to sign "incident reports" about her biting her friends at school.

She did it earlier this week. She did it on Tuesday. Wednesday, she was an angel. Then Thursday...two more incident reports.

We're really working hard to teach her right from wrong. We don't want her growing up thinking it's okay to hurt people.

So Thursday night, beside a "time out" on her "time our step," Merrilee had to stand in a corner.

Remember when teachers used to be able to do this? Daddy remembers being made to go stand in the coat closet in elementary school.

Normally, you'd see pictures of Merrilee's smiling face. Today though, you're seeing what we saw last night -- her back!

We think she's getting the message. When she's bad, she doesn't get to watch television or play with her toys. Her favorite thing to watch on TV is "Ni Hao Kai-lan." Let's just saw she hasn't seen much of it this week.

This morning, when she got dropped off at school, Merrilee had to apologize to her teacher. And she had to repeat twice, "I will not bite."

We'll let you know how it goes.

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