Monday, May 18, 2009

A Sick Little Angel

Merrilee is sick. She has a bad, bad throat.

She had a fever of 103 Monday afternoon, and by the time we got her to the pediatrician, it was 104.9!

Children's Motrin is a wonderful thing.

She is such a sweet child, and she puts up a brave front -- even when she is ill.

Daddy will be taking a vacation day on Tuesday to nurse her, watch her, and make sure the fever stays under control.


Billy & Nikki said...

I hope Merrilee gets to feeling better because that sure is a high fever. I'm sure she is being taken care of and spoiled rotten. Who couldn't spoil her, especially being sick?

allisyn said...

Hi my name is Allisyn and i have to say I love your blog! your little girl is so precious, truly a gift from God :)

emifall said...

Get better soon Merrilee .Do not like to hear about u being sick but glad to hear u have a great nurse (daddy) hope u feel better soon!!!!!

love kassidys auntie em