Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thank You Auntie Em

A special shout out this morning to Aunt Emily...not Merrilee's Aunt Emily, but Kassidy's Aunt Emily. Kassidy is Billy and Nikki's daughter. We were part of the same travel group on our trip to China last year, and the link to their blog is in the right column of our blog.

Aunt Emily stops by our blog frequently, and she read about Merrilee's little issue with biting at pre-school...behavior that thankfully, seems to have mostly just been a phase and a defense mechanism with bigger kids.

What a surprise when we got a package from Aunt Emily about two weeks ago, with a surprise gift for Merrilee. This t-shirt has shaped our attitude about dealing with these "terrible two" phases.

So thank you Aunt Emily. Merrilee loves your shirt, and these were taken right before she headed out to school this morning.

It was a rainy weekend in Baltimore last week, and more rain is expected most of this week. But hopefully, it will dry out on Saturday and Sunday, and we can get some plants and help Merrilee start an herb garden for the summer.


Billy & Nikki said...

THanks for sharing those pics. Aunt Emily will get a blast out of that! We love you guys.

emifall said...

You have made my day and i needed a boost.Thanks for sharing such a beautiful child with all of us she is GREAT !!!! i love the pics and the pigtails just to cute !!! the best of the bestest to all 3 of you.
Auntie Em