Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Auntie Em Is At It Again

Merrilee received a surprise birthday card in the mail from Auntie Em.

Inside was a VERY special present -- a two-dollar bill to mark Merrilee's second birthday.

It was a very special gift, and we are going to put it away and keep it forever.

Our friends Billy, Nikki and Kassidy are never far away in our thoughts. Billy is in Afghanistan and all of our friends need to support him and all of the other servicemen and women doing their duty in far away lands.

Auntie Em, thank you so much!

We'll let Merrilee tell you herself...

1 comment:

emifall said...

Your family made my day thank u so so much for sharing Merrilee with us all she is so special.Hope the three of you have some great family time together in Disney!!
Auntie Em