Monday, August 24, 2009

Getting Caught Up...

We've been slacking off a bit in getting things posted in a timely fashion. But we have a few minutes tonight to get caught up.

First, thanks to Uncle Bart and Aunt Andrea for the wonderful birthday gifts. As you can see, Mrs. Potato Head is already a huge hit. Merrilee even wore out Bogart and Bacall trying to get them to play with her.

Next, some still photos from her friend Xavier's birthday party. Merrilee loved the "Jump Zone" and she loved the cupcakes too. Merrilee loves any party where there are lots of kids and yummy food. She's easy to please...

Finally, we all had a great time a couple of weekends ago when we went to Mr. Rob's and Ms. Susan's for a cookout. Merrilee really enjoyed the time there, and she loved playing with their dog, Biskit. (So did mommy...)

That's just a little look at what's been going on the last few weeks.

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Billy & Nikki said...

I look practically everyday for updates but I also know how hard it is to just sit down for a bit to update but I know it is well worth our work for everyone else who is not as lucky to have them as nearby as they would like. Kassidy and I look often and she always gets a kick out of seeing Merrilee and all her video adventures. I love to see all the excitement coming from Merrilee.