Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gotcha Day Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to Merrilee!

Happy Anniversary to our family!

It was one year ago today that we found ourselves in a non-descript government building in Wuhan, China, and a little girl named Pu Fu Na became our Merrilee.

Before our trip,. we had sent over a care package to Merrilee's orphanage. One of the things we included was a little stuffed bunny rabbit. That little bunny made it to Merrilee's foster family, and it was in her arms when she was handed to Beth. Merrilee slept with that bunny on the bus back to our hotel, and she still sleeps with it every night.

It has been a wonderful year. In December we traveled to Arkansas so that Merrilee could meet Beth's family. In June, we celebrated Merrilee's second birthday at Disney World. Merrilee has stayed relatively healthy. A few sniffles here and there, one nasty ear infection, and a small cyst that had to be surgically removed from her neck. She was almost completely potty trained before she turned two, but that continues to present some challenges.

She has a terrific appetite, enjoys the outdoors, loves music and books, and loves being around people. She is independent, and yes, at times, very stubborn.

We've gone trough the Wiggles, and Doodlebops, and are currently stuck in Elmo-land. She enjoys watching Ni Hao Kailan too!

Thank you all for following this blog and being so supportive. In the past year, Merrilee received so many wonderful gifts -- clothes, books, toys, blankets, dolls, stuffed animals, DVDs, special mementos...the list goes on and on. We have appreciated every gift, and Merrilee has enjoyed them all.

Here is Merrilee today, taken this morning before we got in the car for school. She is really growing fast.

One last note, congratulations to mommy, who last week, got promoted to Lt. Colonel!!! We are very proud of her, and her service to our country.


Andrea Brady said...

What a wonderful story and such a precious little girl! We can't wait to see her again. Oh, and congrats to mommy!

Billy & Nikki said...

We are proud of you Beth. And we are also very happy that we have our little precious girls. Can you believe it has been a year? WOW is all I can say. We cannot imagine life without her and I am sure the same can be said for you guys. Love you guys.