Monday, September 28, 2009

The Big News

The big news is...

Mommy is getting deployed for six months.

She is due to ship out on October 25.

We can't say where she is going.

We can say she won't have a lot of time to make sand castles in this sandbox.


Billy & Nikki said...

Oh man...I had three different scenarios going on in my mind and that definitely was not one of them. Unfortunately, Billy and I can fully understand this and there is nothing to say or do except that it will pass and you will be back home with Mark and Merrilee where you belong. Billy and I talk about how things were so different with his deployments pre-Kassidy time. It will be hard but you can get through this...all of you will get through and appreciate each other even more at the end. Take Care

Karen said...

First, thank you for being willing to sacrifice for us all. You will be on the top of my prayer list for a safe and speedy return, but most of all, for God's grace to comfort you all and for Him to send you unexpected joys while you are away and when you return.