Monday, September 7, 2009

Ice Cream And Kitty Cats

Mommy and Merrilee took Aunt Sharoun out this past Friday. They went shopping at the Columbia Mall and had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. As these pictures show, Merrilee's favorite part of the meal was apparently the ice cream at the end...

And Merrilee had fun with Aunt Sharon outside by one of the fountains..

Finally, Merrilee is loving her little kitty slippers. These were a gift from Ms. Tamara last year. They were a little big last year, but now they fit just fine. Merrilee loves the little whiskers coming out from the front. They close with velcro too, and everyone knows that velcro is a toddler's best friend...

All in all, it looks like ice cream and slippers make Merrilee a pretty happy child!

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Aunt Sharon said...

My Darling Merrilee!

I had so much fun at the mall with you and Mommy. Thank you for inviting me. My favorite part was watching you eat TWO SCOOPS of ice cream. That was after you finished your chicken and cheese enchilada dipped in guacamole! Remember all the colorful boats? Remember the cute bunnies at the pet store? I hope we can go shopping again.

All my love to you, forever!
Aunt Sharon