Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Counting Down....

Where does the time go? Hard to believe we haven't updated this blog in a couple of weeks. We've just been so busy.

This past weekend, Merrilee and daddy went to Pimlico Race Course. But it's not what you think. Daddy's good friend, Mr. Chick Lang, passed away a few weeks ago, and his memorial service was at the track. Mr. Chick was the former GM of the track, and his wishes were that he be cremated, and his ashes scattered in the winner's circle. That's exactly what happened. It was a moving sight, as jockey Ryan Fogelsonger took Chick's ashes for one final ride around the track. You can see more about that HERE.

Next, a little proof that princesses can grow into angels. Remember Dorothy Hamill? She's all grown up now and living in Baltimore. She is a wonderful person, and gives freely and willingly of her time for worthy causes. One of the nicer athletes you'll ever meet! See more about her HERE.

Next, mommy is counting down the days for her return to the U.S. She's done her duty and we are all proud of her. Here she is with General Ray Odierno. He's the big man running the show in Iraq.

Finally, no one is counting down the days more than Merrilee. She has talked to mommy on the phone often, and she has Skyped with mommy almost every weekend. Technology has made the world much smaller. Today, Merrilee got some more books from mommy. These were the last of the books mommy got as gifts for Merrilee before she was deployed. There were story books, coloring books, and Merrilee's VERY FAVORITE -- STICKER BOOKS!

Merrilee is so excited about meeting mommy at the airport. And like she said today, "Daddy, I can't wait til mommy gets home. I need to get my hair cut!"

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Billy & Nikki said...

YIPPPEEEEE! Can't wait to see those reunion pics with smiles from ear to ear.