Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Stinky Slinky!

Our friends Nikki, Billy and Kassidy sent a nice package with treats.

It was filled with stuff for Merrilee.

There was Disney lipstick (chapstick,) sunglasses, a cute little outfit, glow stick, a Minnie Mouse snapband for her wrist, a Disney Princess ball and something else.

Merrilee got her first SLINKY!

She hasn't quite figured out all to do with it, or even how to say it. She kept asking daddy if she could play with her "stinky."

There was also something very special for daddy in the box. It was a coffee mug with some very special pictures not just of daddy and Merrilee, but of mommy and Merrilee and Nikki and Billy and Kassidy.

When you travel to China, and you share "Gotcha Day" with a small group of people, a bond is formed that lasts forever. We are Merrilee's "forever family" and Nikki, Billy and Kassidy are our "forever friends!"

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