Monday, October 13, 2008

Mommy's Day

For every daddy's day, there is a mommy's day. And mommy's day usually means shopping.

One day last week, Beth and Merrilee spent part of their day at the Columbia Mall. It's one of our favorite places and home to the closest L.L. Bean store. You can see while daddy was hard at work, mommy was shopping like crazy. Note all the shopping bags hanging from the stroller...

Merrilee really is becoming more and more comfortable every day in her new home. She is so happy most of the time. When she's hungry, she let's us know by going right over to her high chair...

And she's getting really good at letting us know when she has to go to the potty. A couple of times this weekend she went over to it when she had to go.

Merrilee loves playing with eyeglasses. Here's a recent photo with our friend, Al Parsons, at Matthews 1600. Merrilee really loves going there, and all of the staff is so nice to us.

We had a terrific weekend visiting with our friends Scott and Lynn from Orlando. Scott works for Disney and was in town on business the last few days. His wife, Lynn, flew up Saturday, and we were able to have dinner with them on Sunday. We've know them since before we got married. In fact, they were among the handful of people we invited to our wedding (which, by the way, was at Disney...) Dinner was at a Baltimore landmark -- Obrycki's restaurant. Scott and Lynn had never had Maryland steamed crabs before. It was a lot of fun picking away at them and enjoying the good conversation and getting caught up. (Pictures from dinner coming soon.)

Mark is in New York tonight, and comes back on Tuesday. Beth is holding down the fort in Baltimore. More bonding time for mommy and baby, and more "missing you" time for daddy.

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