Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our Trip To Obrycki's

I mentioned in the last post that we went to Obyricki's Sunday when we had some friends in town. Obrycki's is one of those legendary crab restaurants in Baltimore. It doesn't matter whether you're a businessman or a tourist, when you go to Obrycki's and order crabs, you get to wear one of their paper bibs.

Well, Merrilee is too young for steamed crabs, but she's not too young for one of their bibs. This has quickly become one of daddy's favorite pictures of Beth and Merrilee...

Our friends Scott and Lynn were here in Baltimore for part of the weekend. They make the perfect couple, and we are fortunate to have them as friends...

We're looking forward to more visits with Scott and Lynn, and we can't wait until Merrilee is old enough for her first trip to Orlando to visit them and to enjoy Disney World.

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