Monday, October 27, 2008

A Party To Welcome Merrilee!

Before we even had our referral for Merrilee, we knew we were going to have a "meet the baby" party for our family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. So, this Saturday, we had a few people meet us at Matthews 1600 for some light fare and some drinks. Thanks to Al, Lori, Todd and Alison for making the room look so nice and for having a great atmosphere ready for us. We truly appreciate all of the folks who took the time to come visit. Some of you, we don't get to see that often. Tom and Heidi, Mark and Barb, Smoke, Merrilee (the elder) and Tom...we're so glad you could join us. Nicole -- we think Merrilee took a real shine to your little Alex. Mark and Libby and Randy and Angel -- you were the trailblazers before us and an inspiration as we traveled to China. It was good to have Bea and Jessica, and we'll all be happy when Steve is feeling even better following his recent surgery. We're sorry we couldn't spend more time with each of you, but we hope you enjoyed meeting our little girl. We really feel blessed that we have such a cute, bright and sociable little girl in our family. Here are some pictures from the party. Again, thanks to everyone!

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