Friday, October 3, 2008

More Coming Soon

Well we admit it. We've taken a little time away from the blog these past few days.

This has been a very busy week for us. It's been a busy news week for Mark, and Beth actually went back to work for one day this week. She says it was good to see so many friendly, smiling faces at DINFOS. We promise we'll do a better job with pictures and video! In the meantime, here's an oldie, but a favorite....

The video camera we purchased in China was on the PAL standard versus the NTSC standard used here in the states. The fine folks at Sony agreed to swap it for one on the US standard, and we received it this week. So now, we can start shooting more video without having to jump through hoops to see it.

This morning, Mark went to the vital records office at Reisterstown Road Plaza and got Merrilee a Maryland birth certificate. The lady who processed the application couldn't have been nicer.

Such was NOT the case when Mark when to the Social Security office at the Rotunda yesterday to apply for a Social Security card for Merrilee. The lady behind the window was uninformed, didn't know their own policy, and was generally rude, disinterested, and not helpful at all. The bottom line -- he had every piece of paper he needed, and she was wrong for not accepting it.

Once he got back to his office, Mark contacted Social Security headquarters, and today, went to a different office where a supervisor handled the paperwork. It's sad that after dealing with so many different levels of the US and Chinese government, only the Social Security Administration couldn't get it right. It's amazing when you walk into a Social Security Office, with a Certificate of Citizenship issued by the US government, and the clerk behind the window says it's not good enough and gives you the run around. We feel sorry for people who don't have as much experience and aren't assertive when navigating through government bureaucracy. And it's a shame, that in this day and age, getting a state birth certificate and SS card couldn't simply be automatic.

Merrilee got her flu shot yesterday. She already recognizes the doctor's office. She started to cry when she realized what was about to happen. But, as soon as the shot was over, so was the crying.

You know how kids like to hold the phone up to their ear, but they don't quite get the whole concept of talking on it? Today, on the phone, Merrilee said "Hi da da" to Mark. It was another one of those moments.

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