Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Feeling at Home

With every passing day, Merrilee seems to be feeling more and more at home. The credit for this goes to Beth who is spending countless hours alone with her while Mark is at work. Merrilee loves riding in the car, loves the stroller, and loves riding in a little ice cream truck we bought for her. She also loves playing with blocks. Every night after dinner we all have a little "block time" together...

We have received so many nice gifts. Merrilee loves all of her books and she loves pictures. Whenever we take a picture of her, she wants to see it in the display and kiss it. We've been trying to sneak some short videos on our digital camera, but as soon as she sees what's going on, this is what happens...


And, despite all the toys, sometimes she thinks the plastic bin that holds the blocks is the most fun of all...


More and more of her personality comes out each day.

By the way, bedtime is now between 7:45 and 8:00pm and she's sleeping all night long...thankfully.

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