Friday, September 12, 2008

Potty Success and Mice

A big development (or three of them) in the Miller household yesterday.

Beth made a big deal with Merrilee about setting up the new potty in the bathroom. Sure enough, the first time on it, Merrilee proudly christened the potty with her first pee pee.

Then, when Mark got home around 7pm (late night because of the Ravens being forced to move their game in Houston from Sunday to Monday) he was ushered into the bathroom to see the first poop poop in the potty.

This was all a very big deal to Merrilee. She knows that she is doing a grown up thing. There was another pee pee before bedtime, and still another first thing Friday morning when she got out of bed. She really has the hang of it already.

She has developed a terrific appetite. She loves broccoli, bananas, and even the meat loaf at Matthew’s 1600. The pediatrician said she needed to gain weight, and Merrilee seems to have taken this task to heart.

What is it about little kids and mice? Merrilee loves the little mouse on one of her outfits. And yesterday, we received a very thoughtful gift from John Matthews and his family. For those of you who know John, he has a great collection of all things Disney. I mean a world class collection.

You can see Merrilee loved her gift!

Thanks John! We can’t wait to take her on her first visit to Mouse-land in Orlando, but we think we want to wait a few more years. Mark is already bracing for the Dumbo ride and Mr. Toad. She’s an adventurous little girl though, so she might really enjoy the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad too!

This will be a big weekend for Merrilee. She gets to meet Mark’s nephew and his family. We bet Merrilee and Jordan are really going to hit it off and become good friends!


John Matthews said...

Glad to see Merrilee is enjoying Mickey and Minnie... You've gotta indoctrinate 'em young, I always say... If not Mao, then Mouse!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh your daughter is so beautiful!! I love her hair too! Reminds me of my daughters SWI sister that was adopted at the same time, she has beautiful soft curls.

I just had to comment on the whole potty training thing. When we adopted our daughter she was just just 2 weeks past her 1st birthday. I think our gotcha day was the first time she had on a diaper. Well she didn't like it, and we found out the same way you did about going in the potty. It started right there in China, we would put her over the toilet and whistle and she would do what she needed to do. By the time she was 14 months she was day trained and then by 16 months she was completely potty trained day/night. Out of the 4 girls from her orphanage she was the only one that did the whole potty thing. It really is amazing isn't it? Just keep it up and you will be surprised how quickly she will be 100 percent potty trained. People thought I was nuts when I told them our 12 month old was nearly potty trained. I thank the Chinese profusely for doing what they did. It kept a bunch of diapers from ending up in the Merilee you go girl!

Also, my daughter loves her Mickey and Minnie too. But now being 3 she says she wants to go to Disney World to see them, for real, as she puts it.

So happy for you and your family, your daughter looks very happy as do you. Congratulations!
mom to 4 boys and 1 China princess