Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where Are Your Pictures?

The digital age is a wonderful thing, but it also has a downside. Everyone says, “Do you have some pictures from your trip to China?” Well, we do. We have a lot. Problem is they are all digital photos. So unless you fire up the computer, or show them on the back of the digital camera, it’s not like the old days.

A few days after we got home, we uploaded our digital pictures to Shutterfly. Yesterday, the first batch of pictures arrived by UPS. It’s still fun to sit there and thumb through them one by one. There’s just something that seems more permanent when you look at a photo print as opposed to a digital display on a screen. Maybe we’re just old fashioned….

Every day with Merrilee is a joy. She loves to laugh and play.

Mark is working a morning shift this week, so he was home in the mid-afternoon on Monday and got to see Merrilee playing with some of the neighborhood children. He also got to ride a see-saw with her and she seemed to love it.

We also got a visit yesterday from our friend, Patti Harman, who brought some nice presents for Merrilee. She especially loved one of the dresses and we know she’ll want to wear it to church soon.

One of the people in Mark’s department at WBAL Radio, Anne Kramer, gave Merrilee some presents on Monday. One was a little pink tote bag which Merrilee carried around with her Monday night…

There was also a toy pony, and her favorite new toy – a vacuum cleaner!

Mark says he loves any toy that teaches a little girl domestic skills (just kidding!) We think what Merrilee likes is NOT the concept of cleaning – it’s the music the vacuum makes when you push it. Some songs teach her the ABC’s…others are just fun to listen to when she plays with the toy.

Why is it that every toy seems to have a song that the Merrilee just wants to hear over and over and over? The moment a song starts to play, her head bobs and shakes, and her feet move like she’s doing a jig.

All the information we received before we got Merrilee was that she loved music and being outside with other people and especially other children. Those two things have certainly proven to be true!

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