Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Boxes To The Orphange!!!

We have an awkward situation. We have many friends and family that are asking about our baby registry. While we appreciate your thoughtfulness, we really don't want anyone to go to any trouble or feel obligated to send us gifts.

Beth is already out of control on buying pink things for our daughter and the holes in Merrilee's shoes in the orphanage pictures nearly pushed her over the edge. I somehow think baby Prada shoes are in our future.

At any rate, these are hard economic times and we really prefer that everyone hold onto their money. However, for those stubborn folks out there that insist to buy gifts, we did finally register at and

We really don't need much. We have had many friends and family already send us new toys and clothing as well as folks at Beth's office who have donated wonderfully used girl clothes that look nearly brand new (thanks, LTC and Mrs. Bigelow).

This morning, Beth shipped off two boxes to the orphanage in Chibi. Here she was, walking out the door (today was a civvies day – no BDUs…)

One box contained some clothes for the orphans. The other is a box of items for our Merrilee – including a stuffed animal and baby blanket. We also included a disposable camera, and we’re hoping the people at the orphanage will take some pictures and give the camera to us when we get Merrilee. We’re hoping all will make it there okay.

We’ve previously written about Beth’s sister Brittany in Arkansas. Here’s a picture of her family…

And here are the three kids. First Madison…

Here’s Blakely

And here’s Cade

We appreciate all the comments on the blog and will print them out for a book for Merrilee so she will know how much she is loved without all the material things.

We have already been blessed beyond belief. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

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