Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Visas and Travel Dates

The anxiety over getting our Chinese visas is over. This morning, UPS delivered a package to Mark's office that contained our visas. It feels so good to have them in hand.

A special thanks to Steve and Laura at the Assistant Stork for helping with them, and for convincing the people at the embassy that Mark's only reason for traveling to China is to get his baby.

We also heard from our agency this morning that we now have an appointment at the US Consulate in Guangzhou. Our appointment is for 8/27/2008.

Based on this Consulate appointment date, we must arrive in Guangzhou, China on, or before, 8/15/2008.

We will be able to depart China on 8/29/2008.

As luck would have it, Beth is home today on leave so this afternoon, she'll try and book our international travel.

Before we leave, we'll post our itinerary for you.


Karen said...

The parallels continue. We got our visas back from Assistant Stork yesterday too. And we are trying to book flights. If your agent gives you any hints, especially on finding a reasonably priced one-way ticket for the baby, please e-mail.


Karen Lykins

And Merrilee Makes Three said...


Please email us at

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