Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Fed Ex Package Arrived

We got our overnight package just after noon.

It has more information and two more pictures. It looks like they were both taken the same day and she is wearing the same outfit as in the referral picture. We won't get those pictures on line until Friday though.

We love reading about her personality and all the things she can already do.

She is a cutie!

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Sharon Jones said...

OH are almost here!!! I cant' stop crying happy tears. We have waited so long to meet you - it has been worth every minute. You are such a lucky little girl - your parents love you so much and can't wait to bring you HOME.

Mark & Beth...I am busting with joy for you. I know you will be wonderful parents and have so much love to give. PLEASE let me know what I can do for your family.

All my love & Friendship,