Sunday, July 13, 2008

More Paperwork

Mommy Beth left today for a business trip to New Jersey. She made it safe and sound. Daddy Mark is holding down the fort. Mommy comes back Tuesday.

Our puppy, Bacall, got sick yesterday and we had to take her to the emergency vet. She needed some IV fluids and had to spend the night. She might come home later tonight or tomorrow.

We received another packet of paperwork from our adoption agency on Friday. Most of it involves agreements and release forms for our adoption travel. It also includes the visa application information for our travel visas to China. Many families need couriers to walk this information through the process at the Chinese Embassy. Mark plans to take a day off and walk this through himself. It's one of the advantages of living so close to D.C. and not being intimidated by government processes and bureaucracies.

We also found out that since Merrilee is from the Hubei province, we'll be able to wire our orphanage fee there in advance, which means we'll have to carry less cash with us to China. We're happy about that!

We also have a conference call this Wednesday with our agency and the other people in our travel group. We're looking forward to that!

Finally, thanks to all of you who have left comments on this blog. We read them all and they will be a terrific keepsake for Merrilee! A special thanks to those of you who've already made the trip and have offered us good advice. How did people do this before the internet? We're especially grateful to hear from those of you who got your little girls from the same province and even the same orphange!

Keep the comments coming!


Petrie said...

Hope Bacall is doing better today. Was it dehydration from the weather? Hope it's nothing serious.

Bart said...

Aw, poor Becall! Belle sends her regards.