Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Today Is The Day!

As we anxiously await our referral phone call, this seems a good time to thank a lot of people.

When we first started on this journey, the wait time was about 12 months. Little did we know our wait time between log-in date and referral would be 30 months!

First, we have to thank Anne Pearce, from the United Methodist Board of Child Care. She did our home study and updates.

Then, our friends Rob, Sharon, and Jeff, who all wrote letters of referral for our dossier. And a special thanks to Kim and Andy who agreed to be guardians in the event anything happens to us.

Also, to Bill and Julia and all the folks at the Baltimore County Police Department, for helping with fingerprint documents.

To Doctors Rothschild and Donahue, who filled out all of our medical forms, wrote letters, and updated them several times.

To Robin and Claire who notarized all of our documents in our dossier.

Thanks to the Angel and Randy, who shared with us so many tips about their journey to bring home little Samantha from China. Who would have ever thought a chance meeting in a restaurant could lead to such a friendship?

We’ve met many people from our agency and the adoptive community at large who have shared so much of their time and knowledge with us. Especially to Jen and Rich, and Nikki and Billy, who are our long distance, internet friends.

A word of thanks to National Geographic and Lisa Ling, for the program China’s Lost Girls. Produced in 2004, it helped motivate us on this quest.

Thanks to our companies, co-workers, and family, for their support and encouragement.

And to all of the people at the Baltimore County court house, at the Maryland Secretary of State’s office, at the U.S. State Department, and at USCIS. You made the whole dossier process a lot easier for us!

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Kim M. said...

Hello neighbors! I was checking at rumor queen to see if your date was included and look what I found!!! I'm so excited please let me know when get you news!!!!! I can't wait to finally see Merrilee.