Wednesday, July 9, 2008

An Unexpected Call

I think we are already starting to feel like parents.

This morning, we got an unexpected call from our adoption agency.

Apparently last weekend our little girl was burned.

They don't have many details. Just that it was a 2nd degree burn on the instep of her right foot. She is still in foster care and being treated, but they wanted to let us know. No details about how it happened.

The agency is trying to find out more and trying to get pictures of the burn.

Our hearts sank a little at first, but we're glad it was no worse and we're glad she's being treated.

Guess this is just the first in what's likely to be a list of cuts and scrapes and other growing-up injuries.

Note to selves -- add her to our health insurance the moment we get back in the U.S.

We're grateful she is in foster care and has someone who obviously loves her watching out for her.

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fivekidz said...

Congrats Merilee is a beautiful... she looks like she will be alot of fun!!! You may be able to add her to your insurance from China by faxing,and when you get back you can take her to appts and just let them know she is being added to the ins. My ins agency knew about it for months,I sent the papers in the day we came back home and it still took them 2 months to get it straightened out. Ins companys have to cover your child from the day the adoption is final (this is a good thing) so from the 2nd day you have her you are still all set...I hope that the burn heals quickly and well... Don't worry to much no matter how well you watch your child accidents still manage to happen.... peace and happiness Bonnie