Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Pictures And Travel Plans!

Wow!!!! OMG!!!

What a huge surprise today via email. Our adoption agency emailed us some updated information on our baby. This information was taken on the 7/15/2008 and some additional pictures were taken around the same time.

Height: 71.2 cm
Weight: 8.2 kg**
Head Cir: 45.3 cm
Chest Cir: 45 cm
HepB: negative
Foot Length: 13 cm
Teeth: 8
Sitting?: Yes
Standing?: Yes
Walking: Yes
Speaking: Yes
How long has the child lived in the orphanage? 0 months
How long has the child been in foster care? 12+ months
Does the child currently reside in the orphanage or foster care? She currently resides in foster care.
Where does your child sleep? She sleeps in crib by herself.
Other information? Everything else is normal.

Walking, talking, sitting, and standing! We are so excited. And we have two new pictures.

Prepare to fall in love...

And we have booked our international travel. We will be leaving Baltimore on August 13 at 9:25am. We fly to Detroit, change planes, and arrive in San Fracnsico at 2:14pm. We're going to spend that night in San Francisco.

Then, on August 14, we'll leave San Francisco at 2:00pm, fly to Tokyo, change planes, and fly on to Guangzhou, China, arriving in Guanngzhou at 11:00pm on August 15. (You lose a day traveling to China...China is 12 hours head of Baltimore time...)

We will leave Guangzhouo on August 29, at 8:20am, fly to Tokyo, Detroit, and finally arrive back home in Baltimore on August 29 at 7:10pm. This lose a day, gain a day stuff will make it so confusing!


Billy & Nikki said...

Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! She is even cuter than before and I didn't think that to be possible. I love the little pigtail on the top. Sooo darn cute. Can't wait to meet her.

Lisa said...

OH she is so precious!!!!! I bet you are anxious beyond words to get your hands and her! Can't wait to be opening up your blog to see Gotcha Day pics!!!! SOON!!!

T n' W said...

Oh Yes, I just love those opened mouth smiles. Boy she's happy!

Sharon Jones said...

Merrilee My Merrilee!!

You are so cute - your Daddy was right - I fell in love with you all over again! I just want to hug and kiss all over you. I'm having dinner with your Mommy and Daddy tomorrow night. I want them to feel special - just like you. I will be counting the days until I see you - for now - I send my love to you full of hugs and kisses.

Auntie Sharon

Kay Bratt said...

I am so happy for her that you are coming soon--I'll add you to my prayer list.