Sunday, August 3, 2008

Our Trip Itinerary

Our adoption agency has sent us a tentative itinerary for our trip.

As you already know from a previous posting, we are leaving Baltimore on August 13th and flying to San Francisco. We decided to spend the night there.

Then early in the afternoon on the 14th, we’ll be meeting a number of other couples from our adoption agency and we’ll fly to Tokyo, change planes, and fly on to Guangzhou, China, arriving there at 11pm on the 15th (we’ll lose a day going out.) If you look on the map, Guangzhou is just a little northwest of Hong Kong.

Just as a point of information, from the time we leave San Francisco, until we're wheels down in Guangzhou is 18 hours!

Here is our tentative itinerary:

8/15 Arrive in Guangzhou. We’ll be staying at the White Swan Hotel.

8/16 Free time. Rest. Tour. Shop.

8/17 Leave Guangzhou for Wuhan. We’ll be flying on China Southern. This flight only takes about an hour and a half. We’ll be staying at the Wuhan Jin Jiang Hotel. Wuhan is due north of Guanzhou, and due west of Shanghai.

8/18 GOTCHA DAY! We’ll finally get Merrilee in the morning at the Registration Office. They tell us she will be delivered by the Orphanage Director and orphanage staff. In the afternoon, a medical consultant from our agency will visit us in our room to make sure everything is okay.

8/19 Complete adoption registration and notarization today at the Registration Office

8/20 Optional shopping trip for baby supplies and/or sightseeing. This is a good way to kill some time while we are waiting for adoption paperwork.

8/21 Optional half day sightseeing trip. And, we’ll receive Merrilee’s notary documents.

8/22 Receive Merrilee’s Registration Certificate and passport at the Registration office.
Our group will be having a celebration party in the afternoon. YAY!

8/23 Leave Wuhan for Guangzhou on China Southern. Go back to the White Swan Hotel.

8/24 Free time! Rest, shop, tour.

8/25 Have Merrilee’s visa physical and photo taken this afternoon. We’ll also start on all the paperwork we’ll need for our appointment at the end of our trip at the US Consulate.

8/26 Free time. Rest, shop, tour.

8/27 Today is our appointment at the US Consulate.

8/28 Go to the U.S. Consulate to take the oath in the afternoon.

8/29 We’ll be on a plane, heading home, at 8:20 in the morning. We’ll fly from Guangzhou, to Tokyo, to Detroit, to Baltimore, arriving home in the 7pm hour on the 29th. We’ll gain back the day we lost traveling to China.

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