Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And Away We Go...

Well, our bags are packed and we're ready to go! They told us to "travel light" and here it is...

It looks like a lot of stuff, but we're each just taking one pair of long pants, some shorts and a few t-shirts. The rest of these bags are filled with paperwork, cameras, audio recorders, and stuff for Merrilee. Half of Mark's suitcase is baby clothes, diapers, snacks, and even a big bag of Cheerios! (He did squirrel away some beef jerky in his backpack for the long flight over the Pacific.) We did pack some medicine, and tons of stuff for Merrilee. By the way, do you see Merrilee's picture sitting on the rear suitcase on the left? Our neighbor Sharon was here when we were snapping pictures, and that was HER idea. She wore her "Pu Fu Na" pin to work today and showed it off to all her friends.

We spent today nesting. We cleaned the house, mowed the lawn, did the laundry, and took the puppies to the kennel. It was so hard leaving Bogart and Bacall behind. But the people at Paradise Boarding love them, and the pups were out walking when we left. We purchased some one on one playtime for them while we're gone. When we get back, they'll have a new play pal. We know how much fun it's going to be pushing the stroller and walking the dogs in the evening.

One person we haven't mentioned yet is Pastor Mark at Catonsville United Methodist Church. They have TWO children adopted from China -- Haley and Eli. They are a true inspiration. Mark is a type "A" and always in a good mood. Haley is as cute as can be, and Eli is lucky to have Mark and Libby as parents.

Also tonight, while we were at dinner, Mark checked his BlackBerry and found some email from friends of ours who were in our Yahoo group for CCAI families with January, 2006, log in dates. The last of the crew got their referrals today. We know how happy they must be. Congratulations to all of them! It's hard to believe that it was just over a month ago that we saw our baby's face for the first time.

Well, keep us in your thoughts and prayers. If there's one thing we REALLY want for this trip, it's for all the baggage handlers at Northwest Airlines to be at the top of their game for the next three weeks. If they have to lose any luggage -- LET IT BELONG TO SOMEONE ELSE!

We'll see everyone on Labor Day weekend. We'll get home on August 29, but we're pretty certain we'll spend the first day or so catching up on sleep, and introducing Merrilee to her new home!


a Tonggu Momma said...

Have a wonderfully blessed trip!!!! I just had to comment because we know Haley (just a little bit)... I'm an anonymous blogger, so I can't tell you who I am, but know that another Maryland family will be praying for y'all during your trip.

Sharon Jones said...

Dear Merrilee,

Guess what! Your Mommy and Daddy just left Catonsville (ok here come more of my happy tears) to catch the plane that will lead them to YOU in China. When I saw the car pull up in front of your house, I jumped for joy and started to cry. I'm getter MORE and MORE excited each day to meet you. Get ready...I'm sending some prayers, hugs and kisses straight to YOU!

Auntie Sharon

Jessica L said...

Here's hoping for a smooth, quick trip. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Emma is so excited about Merrilee coming home that she keeps thinking of things they can do together. The zoo and the tea party are tops on the list. We can't wait to meet your beautiful daughter. Love to you all.

Jessica, Dave, William & Emma

P.S. We will take good care of the flowers and herbs.