Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Waiting in the Room

We had another great breakfast at the buffet.

This morning Mark has to wait in the room in case there are any questions or issues with our paperwork. Our adoption agency reps actually deliver all the papers to the Consulate for us. If there is any problem they will call the room.

Beth is going to do some more shopping and may even have one of the fine Chinese tailors custom make a silk dress for her.

Last night there was a dinner cruise down the Pearl River. We skipped it and seems like that was a good call. Our friends who went say the food was "very Asian..." which means it wasn't very good and they didn't know what most of it was. Also by the time it ended about two-thirds of the babies had gotten very fussy.

Today is really our last day to veg. Tomorrow will be busy with our Consulate visit and packing for the long long trip home.

We miss home. We miss the microwave, ice cubes, American food and our own bed. Oh yeah...and more than four English channels on the cable TV.

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