Thursday, August 28, 2008

Homeward Bound

All went well at the Consulate.

We are all packed and have a 4am wake up call.

Can't wait for all of you to meet our little Merrilee. By the way, she now knows that is her name!

And today she got out of bed...walked over to mommy...and gave her TWO big kisses!

Mark and Beth
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buggieboo01 said...

I am excited for you all to come home. Can't wait. I pray that you all will have a safe trip and that it is an easy flight. Sounds like she is warming up to just took time. She can tell how much you all love her already. See you soon. I will try to call you on Sunday and see how things are going.

Rob G. said...

The Gould family can't wait to see you and your little one (she's absolutely adorable)! Becca and JoG are already asking when they can babysit!! Travel safe and we'll see you soon,

Kim M. said...

Sending travel prayers to you and your new little bundle of joy!

Barry and Pat said...

So glad everything went well with the final paperwork. Have a safe different from travel to China since you are "3" instead of "2". We are so, so happy for you and can't wait to meet Merrilee! You were so thoughtful to remember to buy gifts to give to her later. She will cherish them. See, you are great parents already! What a blessed little girl she is!

Love to you all,

Barry and Pat