Monday, August 11, 2008

A Weekend Treat For Beth

Hard to believe we leave in just two more days! Wow!

Did everyone watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics? What an impressive show. Who dreams up that stuff? Loved the guys beating on the drums, and loved the role the children had in the ceremony.

It was a busy weekend for us. We spent the day Saturday running a bunch of final errands.

One of those errands was supposed to be Beth getting the oil changed in her car. Instead, she decided to change cars, so she drove home in a new Toyota Highlander. It’s one of those cars with Bluetooth, a navigation system, and a DVD entertainment unit in the rear. In Beth’s words “this is the coolest car ever.” Saturday also meant a new experience for Mark. While shopping at the Ft. Meade commissary, Mark decided to visit the barber shop. It was his first experience with a military barber and now he has a “military buzz cut.”

Mark’s mother turns 84 in December and she lives alone. We went to visit her on Sunday. We took her groceries, did her laundry, cut and trimmed her lawn, and cleaned the house one more time before we set out for China.

While we were there, Mark’s niece Heather and his former sister in law Sandy (Sandy #1 as we call her…) came to visit and brought Jordan along to visit too. He is really excited about having a new cousin. They also brought a whole bag of presents for Merrilee. There were lots of cute outfits for her. Our favorite is a Ravens cheerleader outfit. Thanks guys! Now, when can you babysit?

On the way home, we went by our neighbor’s house. Kim and Andy very graciously gave us some clothes their girls have outgrown, a high chair, some toys, books, and DVDs. Lots of fun titles like “Big Bird Goes to China.” Our lives, as we knew them, are about to change forever. Thanks Kim and Andy!!!

We’ve set up our blog so that we can post via email, so it may not look as fancy sometimes. The way this works is you just send an email to a special address, and the body of your email shows up as a posting on the blog. Since Mark will have his Blackberry, we’ll try to keep you all updated along the way, in between our visits to the computers in the business center.

This is the last day of work for both Mark and Beth. Tomorrow will be a day of packing, and one more final dinner for just the two of us at our favorite Catonsville restaurant, Matthews 1600.

We’re having a limo pick us up at 7:00am Wednesday. We’ll touch base again before we go. We’re supposed to “travel light.” Maybe we’ll show you what that means in Miller terms…

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Sharon Jones said...

My Darling Merrilee,

It's Auntie Sharon. I have tons of butterflies in my tummy every time I think of you. I am getting more excited as the days get closer to meeting you. Know are loved very much by MANY people. Your Daddy gave me button with your picture on it and I'm wearing it everyday until you come home. Lots of people ask about you and I get all teary eyed telling them your story. Today I send you lots of love and kisses - but in a few weeks I'll get to give you those hugs and kisses in person.

Lots of Love to YOU and your MOMMY and DADDY!