Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Wonderful Morning at the Park

Hello everyone from Guangzhou!

Merrilee is so happy. She waves to everyone, and it doesn't take much to occupy her interest. She's been content to just use mommy and daddy's suitcases as toys. All the time...she keeps waving...

The cribs here at the White Swan Hotel are taller than at the other hotel and they have little balls built into the side. Merrilee finds them fascinating...

We had planned on going to visit a Buddhist temple today, but after breakfast, Beth wasn't feeling so well. So, we decided to skip the bus ride, and we took Merrilee to a nearby park instead. Here are some pictures from that visit...

It is amazing to see so many people, and OLDER people, out exercising, dancing, practicing tai chi... The people here appear to be so healthy and so active.

Last night, by the time we got to the hotel, we were exhausted. So we just had room service (a very expensive club sandwich, cheeseburger, and fruit plate) and hit the sack early. Merrilee slept pretty well, but woke up around 4 a.m. She crawled into bed with daddy and stayed there until 6 a.m.

The best news is that Merrilee and mommy have become friends. Not best friends, yet, but friends. Mommy can now feed her, hold her, and play with her, without the little one bursting into tears. She clearly knows we are a family.

Before we left Wuhan, we went to a park there, and had this picture taken by our friend, Jason...

Today...mommy discovered the fine art of shopping and bartering. We bought some surprises for people back at home, and we bought some gifts to remind Merrilee of her home country. We got her some new squeaky shoes (believe us...they get old fast) a spinning top that lights up, and a parasol to protect her from the sun. She loves it. It looks like a bear!

This area around the hotel is swarming with Americans who have adopted Chinese babies. It is very safe here and we can walk around more and explore more.

Last night at the deli, daddy got a Tsing Tsao beer that was just $1! The beer is the coldest thing we've had to drink this entire trip.

We are counting down the days, filling our time with more shopping, tours, and paperwork for the US government. We enjoy being with all of our new friends and babies, but we are really looking forward to seeing our old friends back at home!

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