Friday, August 8, 2008


We continue to count down the days until we leave. (By the way, we LOVE this picture!)

We're going to run some errands this weekend, and Mark is going to work a half-day on Monday.

A few months ago, Mark started having problems with his left knee. Turns out he has a torn meniscus. So, Monday, after the leaves work, Mark is going for and MRI. Once we're back from China, he'll schedule surgery to have it repaired.

There was another moment yesterday in our "journey to parenthood." Lynn from Mark's HR office gave us the form to add Merrilee to our health insurance. Under our names it says -- "Merrilee...relationship...daughter." It makes it seem that much more real.

Adding Merrilee to our health insurance was something we didn't plan to do until we returned. But our adoption agency pointed out she will legally become our daughter while we are still in Wuhan. So, we had to act now.

By the way, it looks like more families will be getting adoption referrals next week, since the Chinese have apparently put more packets in the mail. Our wait from the time China got our info until we got our referral was 30 months. And the wait seems to be getting longer, not shorter. You really have to have the patience of Job to adopt from China these days.

By the way, just checked the weather for Wuhan. For the next five days, the high will be 95, 98, 98, 96, and 95. Should make packing that much easier (and lighter.) Shorts and t-shirts will apparently be the uniform of the day while we're there.

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Kim M. said...

So glad to see you two today! I can't wait to meet our newest little friend!