Sunday, August 24, 2008



Bonding milestone!

Mommy says she can't wait to get back home and take Merrilee to "mommy and me" class.

Angel and may soon be having company at your class. By the way guys, we're having dinner at "Lucy's" tonight.

Taking orders for souvenir genuine official Chinese chopsticks if anyone wants a pair.


Kim M. said...

Great pictures. Glad to here Merrilee is warming up to Beth. So was Lucy's like everyone says? Did you have "real" American food?

Sharon Jones said...

Guys - I'm going to church today and will pray for your continued happiness and safe reutrn.

Mark - bet you could use an "old bay and butter" shooter!

Beth - hope you're feeling better. Hang in there...just a few more days.

Merrilee - LOVE the pictures. You're beautiful.

Angelica said...

Hi Mark, Beth and Merrilee,

Love the new pictures and the white squeaky shoes Merrilee have on in the pictures are the same ones Sam had, so cute, Sam just saw the pictures and ran in to her room and put on her squeaky shoes too. We are getting ready to sign Sam up for her baby gym in the next few weeks and I know Sam would love to have Merrilee join us for our Saturday bonding time. Beth! hope you feel better soon and we can't wait to see you all when you get home.

Randy, Angel, Melissa, Daniella and Sam