Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Pearl Market

Today's big adventure was a trip to the local pearl market. The prices there were unbelievable compared to the U.S. so mommy is coming home with some new pearls and some jade bracelets. We also bought some special gifts for Merrilee when she gets older. By the way, most of the time we still call her Na Na.

Another shop we visited today was "A Gift from China." All the proceeds from sales there go to orphanages. We spent more money there buying some mementos of this trip. One of the many gifts we've purchased is a beautiful red silk Chinese dress for Merrilee...

On Sunday while we walking around we went into one shop. The clerk reached into her blouse, pulled out a silver cross and asked "Christian?" We told her yes and she told us she was leaving the shop to go to church at 11. We bought some jade cross necklaces from her.

Merrilee is so stubborn and loves to be in charge. She likes to feed herself. Her favorite foods appear to be grilled cheese, watermelon, any kind of eggs, tater tots and Haagen Dazs. She loves ice cream. She loves her stroller and even fell asleep in it today.

She is a very generous child and loves to share her food and treats with us and everyone else.

Tomorrow our paperwork goes to the US Consulate and then we should get Merrilee's visa on Thursday. On Friday we leave for the airport at 5:50 am and then will spend about 18 and a half hours in the air on three different flights to get home.

We are SO ready to go back home and see our friends and get our puppies back. We miss them and we miss all of you.

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buggieboo01 said...

I am glad that your trip seems to be going well and that you all seem to be bonding so fast already. I hope I get some cool prizes from your trip...hint hint Maj Miller.