Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Paperwork AOK

We got a call from our reps that all of our paperwork is fine. So it should be smooth sailing tomorrow for Merrilee's visa.

We get lots of pictures taken in about four pics...and pics of the babies as a group. These are known as "red couch" pictures.

Merrilee had her second Haagen Dazs today -- vanilla. She absolutely loves it. This picture proves it...

Beth had a tailor here custom make her a silk dress and silk suit. She picks it up tomorrow. We are sure she will look very pretty in both.

By the way, across the street from our hotel is a restaurant, where you can walk in and pick your seafood fresh from a tank and they will prepare it for you. They have everything you can imagine: fish, tiger prawns, lobster, snake, eels, water beetles... The crabs looked a little familiar -- not blue crabs...but close. And take a look at the turtles...

A lot of the stuff was too disgusting for pictures. Now you understand why we can't wait to get back home.


Sharon Jones said...


It's really getting closer to you being home. I can't wait to meet you. I love ice cream too. I think we will get along JUST FINE!! My favorite is chocolate. I can't wait to see you in your new dress. I'll be it will be pretty.

Give Mommy and Daddy a big kidss from me and tell them I can't wait to see them too.

wŏ ài nĭ!!

Sharon Jones said...


I heard that your Father was on the radio from China this morning (your evening) and he didn't tell me. You'd better tell him he's in BIG trouble.

Kim M. said...

Beth you are glowing!!!!!!!!