Monday, August 25, 2008

Doctor Visit

This morning, we walked to an office to have Merrilee's picture taken for her U.S. visa.

Then, we walked to another building where all the adopted children have to get an exit physical. It was quite the sight to see. The best description would be loud, minimally organized chaos.

While we were waiting in the hallway of the clinic, we couldn't help but notice one doctor who was sterilizing his instruments over the open flame of an alcohol lamp.

Fortunately, once we got into the examining area, we moved through the three checking stations without much trouble. The only thing we really remember is that Merrilee weighs 18.4 pounds.

Before leaving the hotel for the medical check, Merrilee got her first goose egg on her forehead. She was sitting on the bed reading a book with daddy and fell right over onto the floor. Fortunately, the beds are only about 12 inches high. It's almost like sleeping on the floor. She cried a little, shook it off, and handled it like a pro.

Last night we joined Jason, Darla, and their baby for dinner at "Lucy's" which is a somewhat popular bar and grill just down the street from the White Swan Hotel. The food was pretty good and much cheaper than room service at the hotel. Our entire meal at Lucy's cost less than one cheeseburger at the hotel. Mark says his grilled cheese and french fries tasted very good and mommy loved her baked potato and Mexican quesadilla.

This afternoon, we have to fill out more paperwork for our visit later this week to the US Consulate.

Our biggest concern right now is that all of our seats are together on the flights home. It wasn't that way coming over. We have emailed our travel agency and our adoption agency to see if they can guarantee our three seats are together. (We have seats for Mark, Beth, and a lap ticket for Pu Fu Na, on one confirmation number, and then an extra seat for Mark on a second confirmation number.) Because the travel agency booked the seats that way, it has created major confusion for NW airlines.


Sharon Jones said...

Good Morning Merrilee,

I wanted to let you know that I checked on your puppies today and they are doing fine. I asked Ms. Jillian to give them extra love from me and to let them know you will be coming home to see them in just a few more days. I'm sorry to hear that you took your first tumble...but your Daddy always told my boys, "No bones? No blood? No problems!" He might think differently with his precious little girl.

I hope you are sleeping well. Give Mommy a BIG kiss from me.

wŏ ài nĭ !!!!
Aunti Sharon

Barry and Pat said...

Glad everything is going so smoothly. We are thinking of you all the time...
Barry and Pat

buggieboo01 said...

I can't wait for you all to get back. I am thrilled! I missed you and can't wait to meet the new addition. She is such a loved little girl already! She is so lucky.